Volcano House Vacation Cottage

Last spring, I traveled to Hawaii to celebrate my brother’s 70th birthday. It was a great trip. A side trip while I was there was to the other worldly island of Hawaii, “the Big Island.” While there, we stayed in a every exotic private rental cottage. It was the perfect complement to the drippy jungle like town of Volcano and the bleak miles of black lava flows in Volcano National Park. A very dramatic land and a great trip.

I strive to treat my guests as I myself would hope to be treated while out in the world traveling.

This is Your vacation and Your special Time.  As your host at the cottage it is my purpose and genuine pleasure to make you comfortable at home and to make sure your needs are met (or exceeded) while for the most part remaining invisible unless requested.

I will mention that there are NO “Additional Surcharges or Cleaning Fees” beyond State Tax.

This practice of “additional fees & such” has become somewhat of the norm these days. (but not here ! )

What you see is what you get, no surprises. Intimate, eclectic, romantic and whimsical, Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Upcountry Mauna Loa rainforest getaway cottage at the 4,000 foot elevation.

A bit of a step back in time, the cottage is adorned with a beautiful and interesting blend of Early American Folk & Impressionist Art, 19th c. photography, fine vintage floral and avian embroidery compositions and a wealth of other worldly curiosities from times past. (Grandmas house … with a few twists)

After exploring the Volcanoes National Park you can, at your will and leisure, come home … plug into our tech saturated world to your hearts delight OR opt out for a while and just enjoy the simpler pleasures of life that the lush mountain rain forest and its chattering, happy native bird inhabitants provide.

Clear star studded evenings and night time Volcano viewing offer easily attained additional pleasures.