Trip to the West! Colorado

In lieu of my desired cruise, Betsy talked me into a trip to Colorado to visit her son, Jack, a student at Colorado State in Ft. Collins. While my apprehension about running into cold weather in Colorado in late April came true, the state itself was magnificent. We did Ft. Collins, a delightful community even with all the construction. While there we did the college campus, the downtown area, New Belgium brewery, home of Fat Tire and just outside of town, Horsetooth Park, with beautiful views of Horsetooth Mt. and reservoir on one side of the road and winding bike paths back down to the town on the other.

On Friday, we headed to Breckenridge via Boulder, and a drive through University of Colorado and a quick trip up to a mountain park. It was again, beautiful. After that, we headed across the BIG mountains to Breck. As snow spitted off and on, we went through Nederland,  Rollinsville, the casino town, Black Hawk and on down to I70. Views on the interstate we just as beautiful, though harder to see while driving at high speed through snow bits and major curves. The little silver mining town of Georgetown was a jewel. And the Eisenhower Tunnel at 11,155 feet and under the Continental Divide was memorable.

At Breckenridge, we checked into the hotel with Jack and Anala. It was a lovely ski lodge right on the side of the mountain. A personal adventure happened when after being left alone while the rest of the party went to pick up pizza, the whole lodge was evacuated because of unknown reasons. Quite a boring event after an exhilarating beginning of sirens and lights and alarms.

Unfortunately, it was cloudy and cold all day Saturday but that didn’t deter us. We shopped the little town and then went back to the lodge where we enjoyed hot chocolate spiked with peppermint schnapps. MMMmmss.

Sunday morning the sky was royal blue, the clouds puffy white and the mountain finally showed itself. Magnificent! Breakfast was in Frisco, a cute little town heading back to Ft. Collins. In flatter lands, it seemed to cater to more alpine type sports, biking, canoeing, snowshoeing and such.

A quick stop at Lookout Mountain and then back on the northern route to Ft. Collins. Monday called for an early ride to Denver International to drop Betsy off and a leisurely few hours spent at the Denver Botanical Gardens. All in all, a great trip.