Spring Flower Bed

Trip to Denver Botanical Garden

After dropping Betsy at airport for her flight, I had a day to kill before catching my plane in the late afternoon and this is what I did.

The Orangery… Just a big green house with a fancy name, but OHHHH what beautiful plants. Lots of propagation happening inside. They had one wall in glass so you could see the works. Then there was this big outer corridor with garage type doors and beautiful plants.

Interesting irrigation method. Looks somewhat easy to do if you can find the right sort of rope. Thoughts?

I found the bonsais interesting because these had been harvested from Colorado mountains. I’m not a particular fan of bonsai, I want my plants to grow BIG! But the fellow who cares for and trains the collection was there. I had to ask him about the tags. The “training” and the age were so far off. So, the training date is when the plant was harvested from nature and the estimated age is determined by some rings that they can see. I found it interesting that they didn’t start with young plants and train them to stay small but rather harvested plants that had be stunted by nature for many years.

I like the way they use the stack stone in this vertical formation. I saw it used in a couple different areas. I like the way it looks.

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