My Trees

Everytime I start a new post, the first word wants to be “So…” So, I got an offer in the mail from the Arbor Day Foundation. Make a $10.00 donation and we’ll sent you 10 trees plus 2 crepe myrtles. What a deal! I bit.

My trees arrived mid March. All twelve of them were in a plastic pouch that was about six inches by thirty inches. Hmmm… When I opened them, I found 12 sticks with different colored paint on each.

Now, I live on a a property that is about 40′ by 125’… that is 5000 sq ft. and that include where the house sits. That doesn’t leave much room for trees. I was most interested in the two crepe myrtles. The rest was up for grabs.

So I planted all the little sticks, not holding out much hope that any of them would live. As it turns out, all but one of them seem to be doing great! The one apparent casualty was trampled or somehow snapped in two. This includes the two Sargent Crab apples are incredible survivors. They were accidentally rototilled after I forgot that the two crepe myrtles were listed as +2 and not included in the “ten trees.” Crab apples are still in pots but doing well.

Map Legend

1. Red Bud

2. Red Bud

3. Washington Hawthorn

4. Washington Hawthorn

5. White Dogwood

6. Crape-myrtle

 7. White Dogwood

 8. Crape-myrtle

 9. White Dogwood

10. American Redbud

11. Sargent Crabapple

12. Sargent Crabapple