Zinnia Volunteers

Magic Zinnias

Perhaps my most successful garden item this year were my zinnias. I bought one at full price, I believe, at Lowes, my favorite garden supplier. It is pictured above.

Below, you can see that it started out rather modestly. It was attractive and colorful, but not a star yet. I watered and fertilized regularly all summer and it grew much larger and produced fabulous blooms in return. Toward the later fall, it caught a white, dusty mold that caused me to finally rip it out. I was very sad to do so, tho.

My other zinnia tale, and why these flowers are becoming favorites, has to do with the sad little zin I found on Lowes clearance rack at the back of the garden department. It was a variegated pink. I’m not usually a fan of variegated blooms, but it was on sale so I bought it.

At home, I planted it up against one of my rocks (that is a whole other story), next to a dark burgundy coleus. It was a beautiful color combination and looked very pretty, but the coleus took off and buried both the coleus and the knock out rose planted close by.

This would be an unremarkable story, except while watering the plants, I noticed some nearby leaves in what should have been lawn (another sad tale). I watched it for a couple weeks. It grew and was unmistakably zinnia looking.  Finally, I took a chance, dug up the little volunteers and planted them on the other side of the rock!

There were two plants. When they bloomed, which they did prolifically the rest of the summer and into the fall, one plant matched the one I’d purchased. The other produced little dark red mop heads trimmed with yellow, but had no pink petals. They were so unusual, and I just loved that they made me do it!

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