Last March, I traveled to Honolulu in time for my brother John’s 70th birthday.  We had a grand time. He took me to all the Oahu high spots, the North Shore, Diamond Head, which we hike to the top of, Lankai, Kailua, Bellows Beach and Makapu’u Lighthouse to which we also hiked. We  hiked to the Koko Crater Botanical Garden which was very interesting. It had sections for palm trees from all over the world, a plumeria orchard, and most fascinating to me, baobab trees! So cool. We visited the Lyon arboretum, an other wonderful place to experience beautiful tropical vegetation. And most exciting we flew to the big island to experience the volcano!As this trip took place almost a year ago and could be a book of half truths and memories, I will limit this chapter to a gallery of my most favorite photos. They tell the story better than I.

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