Giant red and white poinsettias at Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis MO.

A Spur of the Moment Visit to St. Louis

Actually, my trip was to Belleville, Illinois, to my dear friend Joan’s home. She called and invited me to a New Year’s Eve party with her dear old friends that I’d met forty some years ago, but Joan has kept me up with them via her tales of fun.

So, I arrived Friday evening. Saturday we ran a few errands and did a tiny bit of shopping. Saturday night, almost all of us, including me, stayed up until midnight to ring in 2017! Sunday, New Year’s Day, was the best day. We enjoyed quiche for breakfast and then, after hooking Joan’s smart TV up with Amazon Prime, we watched TWO movies!

Late afternoon, we left for the Missouri Botanical Gardens and there holiday event, “Glow,” a beautiful light show set up throughout the gardens. It was a crisp evening but wandering through the prescribed pathway, the lights were beautiful, the Christmas music was lovely and it was a wonderful show. After checking out the whole route, visiting the summer home of Mr. Shaw, the original resident of the property and creator of the park, snapping several bad phone pix, Bill, Joan’s partner, treated us to a FABULOUS winter cocktail that consisted of hot chocolate, marshmallow vodka, peppermint schnapps and whipped cream. Even the fact that it was served in a Styrofoam cup did not diminish its warm tastiness.

Our adventure ended in the toy train display room. My anticipation was that it would be a nice train layout with mountains, fake trees and rocks and trains. Little did I know that the trains were just an excuse to show off the most spectacular poinsettias I’ve ever seen! Please look through the photo gallery and pay particular attention to the photos that include me or my hand so you can get perspective on just how huge these blooms were. I’ve never seen such a thing! Thank you Joan and Bill!

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