2nd Night of Master Gardening… Composting!

OK. So I have had many compost piles in my many years of gardening. But as even our fearless leader admitted, most of us are great at dumping waste into the pile. Few of us are very good at putting the finale product to work.

Those of us who didn’t receive our books last week got them tonight. The very large handbook came in a tote bag along with a Master Gardener license plate for the front of our cars (TN only issues one plate), a ball point pen and a key fob with a magnifying glass! Great treasures. We were also given an order form to purchase vegetable and herb plants at a nice discount. The plants will be sold at the April street fair in Gallatin at which I suspect we will be recruited to volunteer. I’m in. Bob’s promise for next week is name tags!

The class was somewhat interesting, but with the very limited area I have to work with, my only option would be a worm farm composting system. The instructor was a fun speaker, retired military fellow who got into the Master Gardener program at the request of his wife. He was a big proponent of the no fuss no muss no work worm composter.

I’m convinced I COULD do it, but I’m far from convinced I will. Just ick! If I ever change my mind, https://unclejimswormfarm.com/ is the motherlode of work supplies.