my life in pieces

There is a TV show called Life in Pieces… don’t care for the show so much, but I do like the name.

My website is about the pieces of my life, my home and garden, my beloved Maine, my travels and maybe a little bit about my friends and family as I don’t want to tell tales out of school.

In November 2015, I left my beloved Maine and moved to Hendersonville TN. I ran from snow and toward my son who had made the move two years earlier. I’ve always loved gardening and never had the time to be completely successful and gardening in Maine certainly has challenges, pri,primarily, the short growing season.

Tennessee has brand new challenges for me. A long season, heat, and a much dryer climate. My brand new “retirement” home is a one story home with five feet of land on either side, a small backyard that is primarily on common ground and a small front yard full of utility boxes.

My challenge is to take the postage stamp yard and make it my oasis.

… my little corner of the world